Grading Services


We are working with our partners to secure the best value & easiest ways to get your cards graded. We will have that information to you as soon as we can share it.

Grading. What is grading?
Grading means sending your cards to an official grading business which grades your cards depending on condition.
For the major grading organisations such as BGS & PSA they grade from 1-10 scale.
The companies look for ANY flaw, including centering of the card, print lines, scratches, softening of corners or any sort of issues that would take away from the "Perfect' card. Unfortunately not every card starts as a 10, as even the slightest misprint or scratch the factory can reduce the grade before it hits the shelves.

Why would you want to grade your cards?
Grading your cards means you are protecting them for life. If you get a 10, that card remains a 10! It also can increase the value of your card if it gets a high grade & people buy "slabs" saving them the "hassle" of doing it themselves.


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